4-28-07: As you may have noticed, Heaven has another furry angel looking down at the world below ... and contemplating just where to bite it. *wry smile* On April 25, we had to let go of our beloved orange tabby, Morris. In July of 2006, he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left hip. Ultimately, the tumor took away his ability to use his tail; then his left leg, and then the right; it robbed him of his desire to eat ... and finally, the ability to control his bladder. I'll always love you, you fat, furry bastard. Keep Heaven safe from wandering kitties, now ...

3-1-07:Yet another Gallery fixer-upper. Take a look at the new style. :)

1-27-07: Wow, I'm such a monumental slacker! The Vahazayi Decade project kinda went down the tubes, but I'm still going to work on updating those things whenever I find the time (and energy) to do it. Anyway, I added a few things to the Library. A bunch of TF fics have found their way on the Third Shelf, so why don't you check them out? :D

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For so long, I've been trying to believe,
That someday, you'll fall as deep as me.
But it's just not there, love isn't always fair.

~ Do You Love Me That Much?, Peter Cetera