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Like VHR, only dogs age daily. Highly recommended. OHMYFUCKINGGOD! Hillarious! A melding of two of my favorite 80s cartoons -- you will love every single one of these live-action shorts.
Kristin 'SilverMoon' Buckner Richard 'Hosea Kittomer' Raidel
Renee 'Maggock' LeCompte Zara 'Sapphire Phoenix' Gillespie
The Starhorse's Transformer Fansite. Awesome Generation 1 fanfics -- seriously. And she does good art too. Michelle 'Etherrawen' Rodriguez
The work of T. Goodall The work of the Swandog.
Jennifer 'Nambroth' Miller Jana 'Malystryxx' Hill
Naryu's lovely work Brandy M. 'Talbona'Kinley-Luedtke
Death never looked so cute. ;)
Definitely one of the strangest and most entertaining webcomics out there.

Text Links:
Emily "FireEyes" Rigelsky

The Gryphon Pages
James "Eclipse" Spaid
The most extensive site on gryphons, period.

The Blueberry Patch
If there's one "non-published" author whom I would throw all my support behind, it's Korat. Even if you don't read Transformer fanfiction, do read hers; you'll never look at giant robots the same ever again.
Browser-based horse sim-game in which you train, breed, show, sell, virtual horses. Highly recommended. Find me there at the Golden Phoenix Stables.

The largest blog site on the Internet.
Largest art site that allows your to instantaneously-update your work, unlike Elfwood.
Currently mirroring most of my Transformers fics. Hop on over if you'd like to leave a review!

Astronomy Pic of the Day
View the wonders of the Universe! Beautiful pictures.

The Padded Cell
Transformer message board. I don't post there, I only browse.
Webcomic featuring some hillarious Transformers references.

Fantasy Name Generator
Need help with naming a character? This is the spot to hit.

It's truly, truly outrageous!

Two words: Ursula Vernon

Ye Gods!
Ancient Egyptian gods (Anubis!) and more.

::Bordering on Paradise::
Kimberly "Kimbo Demonica" Petrie

Layra's DeviantArt Archive

Happy Flying Horse Head Studios
Aimee "Tyreenya" Skee

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ícause I canít go on
No, I canít go on
I canít go on
If Iím on my own

~ Will You Still Love Me?, Chicago