12-26-05: Three new pictures added to my small Gallery in the Main Gallery Section.

12-6-05: Long time. ^^; Anyway, added a new pic to the DAX gallery. Also, just letting everyone know that starting Jan 1, 2006, will be celebrating a decade of Vahazayi! CP will be wracking her brains as to what will be done, but believe me, it'll be big!

10-27-05: Added eaxbykamiatrys.jpg, bydragontalon.jpg, & byjaspenelle.jpg to EAX, GAX and DAX.

10-13-05: Added several pics to the gallery, including DAX and FAX2.
The final installment of The Solarflare Chronicles is up and ready for your reading pleasure. Now what to do with them? :P

9-22-05: Added HoundofLoki's AWESOME rendition of Solarflare to the FAX2 gallery.

9-16-05: Added Dwelian's pic of MLP'ified Equine-CP, Shekeira, and Calzephyr's awesome "battle" between King and Vagan in the AAX gallery.

9-8-05: Added The Solarflare Chronicles: The Phoenix to the Library. Mirage starts having dreams, Flare goes out on patrol for the first time. Oh, the drama!

8-30-05: Added pics to AAX & MLP-AX galleries. :)

8-25-05: Added pics to MLP-AX & EAX galleries; added new chapter to The Solarflare Chronicles, The Awakening.

8-19-05: Added Memories to the Library. Convo between Vagan and King ... what do you fear?

8-13-05: Added The Solarflare Chronicles: Beginnigs to the Library.

8-12-05: Added new FAX2 image by KittenChan to the Gallery.