10-26-06: Hot on the heels of last night's update, I bring you the up-to-date version of The Invisible Man.

10-25-06: Holy NaNo, Batman! There's a lot more stuff to upload, but for now, I've put up the final chapter of The Heart's Lament trilogy. In short order, I should have all the chapters up-to-date of The Invisible Man. If you're so inclined, head on over to FanFiction.net and read them there. :D As for other things, I've been poking about with redesigning the gallery and whatnot. I'm always up to something!

8-13-06: Two chapters of a three-part story are up in the TF fiction section. Entitled The Heart's Lament trilogy, I delve into what the S1 and 2 characters felt about the ascension of Rodimus Prime, and how they end up dealing with this new leader.

7-26-06: Added three pics to the Gallery: two in FAX2 and one in EAX.

7-14-06: Prayers are requested and directed to our cat, Morris, who has been diagnosed with cancer. May Lady Bast protect Her son and look over him.
Chapter Three of The Invisible Man, "BETA", is up.

7-6-06: Uhm, whoot? ^^ Not that much to report. I've uploaded a new Vahazayi concept that deals with Shekeira Eagle-Head, and three chapters of my latest Transformer tale, The Invisible Man.

5-27-06: To the soldiers of past battles, and those who are currently serving: THANK YOU.
Spectral Analysis is complete! View the final two chapters now.
Small ficlet: Forever, My Father is up in the Transformers section.

5-13-06: Chapters Nine through Eleven currently up for Spectral Analysis. All 28 (+1 special request) chapters of 28 Solarflares up. I take no responsibility for any seizures one might experiance when you read the 28. :P

5-6-06: Derby Day! CP has climbed onto the Barbaro Bandwagon. Here's to the first Triple Crown winner of the 21st century (hope!). Added a few chapters to a new "story", based on the 28 Ficlet meme on LJ. Some links work, some don't. I'm cranking these out as fast as I can. Who knew that 28 short stories would be so hard? ^^

4-19-06: Uploaded art to the AAX, DAX, EAX and GAX galleries. Working on Spectral Analysis; newer chapters can be found in the Library. Updated through chapter NINE.

3-26-06: Woo! A few new chapters of my latest The Solarflare Chronicles fic is up, as it seems FF.net is being a butthead about uploading. Spectral Analysis!

3-5-06: I'm a busy little Phoenix ... started uploading Sacred Fire, the origin tale of my anthro Ho-oh mystic, Shayna, over at the Library. It will be 100 stories long, broken into two parts. Enjoy!
-- Added Ventrishika, an old tale from around 2003, staring the long-lost scion of Clan Ventrishika, Sular.

3-4-06: I can say with confidence that the new Vahazayi page is coming along. Drawing a couple dozen birds in full poses is taking a while, but we're getting there. Instead, have some art! Gallery additions: FAX2, AAX, EAX; new artists: Bleu Hawke, Myrror (well, she's got a GAX entry, but not a main Gallery); new art from: Tser, Lux, Kynekh, Tyrrlin.

2-25-06: Uploaded a brand-new Transformer fic, entitled "More Raptor Than Robot", which can be found in its entirety in the Library. And yes, I'm working on the Vahazayi stuff. :D

2-9-06: Wow, I got off my ass and updated the entrance image! Now it's a proper party! Uploaded two "new" stories into the Vahazayi section of the Library ... I say "new" because they're OLD! Between 2001 and 2003.

1-29-06: Dumped a bucket-full of art into the Gallery! Art by Tser, Parrotkee, Tyrrlin, Orca, and EAX and MLPAX art also up. (I promise, I'm working on the Vahazayi stuff! Besides, the real anniversary isn't until later!)

1-17-06: Happy New Year! Progress concerning the 10th Anniversary of the Vahazayi is slow in coming. I blame myself and full-time work. But, until then, enjoy my newest TF fanfic, Prowl's Girlfriend!

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