The Vahazayi

Concept tales, odds 'n' ends from my immortal birds.

Life's Lessons
The day Vagan laughed.

Lord King Arex'fay and General Vagan Vershandi'fay.Concept #1
After King plops his human savior in the midst of the Vahazayi Council, Jacquelyn Sandenbern learns about the darker side of the immortal Phoenixes.

Concept #3
Taken hostage by the United States military, Jacquelyn holds no hope of escaping -- that is, until a mysterious young Marine appears at the door.

Swalecain Eagle-Head confronts Vagan Falcon-Head and tries to turn him against the Phoenix Lord, King Arex'fay. Of course, no one tells Vagan what to do ...
[To hear the conversation acted out by James "Eclipse" Spaid, click HERE. And don't forget to stop by the The Gryphon Pages!]

Conversation between King and Vagan. A little verbal and physical ass-kicking on Vagan's part.
[To hear the conversation acted out by James "Eclipse" Spaid, click HERE.]

Meeting Xethonteror
Knowing that Swalecain will not fight fairly, Vagan decides to even the odds by recruiting the scion of an ancient ally, the dragon Kaevonteror Zenith.
[To hear the conversation acted out by James "Eclipse" Spaid, click HERE.]

Change in the Wind
As promised, Vagan seeks out the aid of Calgon Shekeira, a Vahazayi unequaled in fighting prowess. But King once committed an act of grievous harm against his daughter, Ythé -- will Calgon put that aside?

King's Demons
Sometimes, fantasy is more autobiographical than you think.

Half Hawk-Head, half Falcon-Head, Indréhar was plagued all his life by intense paranoia and psychosis. Finding joy and oblivion in flight, he kept as far away from his fellow Vahazayi as possible, believing them to be speaking about him behind his back. But when the call to war comes, Indréhar is sent to the front as a messenger. There, he is taken captive by the opposing side's leader, a bloodmage. Indréhar must overcome his fear and become the hero he so wants to be ...

What do you fear? -- Conversation between King & Vagan moments before the battle for the Lordship of the Vahazayi.

More Concepts
Found this while scrounging for names on old files. Year is thought to be between 2001 and 2003. A scene featuring Xethonteror, Vagan, King and Swalecain.

More Concepts 2
As in the above, only I write as Solarius. I'm fond of this one, because it's quite philosophical.

The complete tale of Sular Ventrishika, once falsely-accused khairachas of the Vahazayi. A quiet, melancholy scion of the elite Ventrishika Clan, Sular is sent off to the far reaches of the galaxy; there he meets a most unusal gryphoness named Ziara, who is as different from her people as he is from the Vahazayi. Together they forge a bond stronger than time, and defy the most ingraned racial prejudices. Perhaps my favorite tale, as well as the one that was most difficult to write -- emotionally. (Written around 2003, for my then-boyfriend. The Glacial Gryphons and their world are copyright to him. All other characters, baring Muse Flurrith and the clan name of Flurrith, are of my own original design.)

NEW!! Another Concept
This might make it into the Vahazayi text, because I need more material. Shekeira Eagle-Head is confronted outside the Council Chamber by some sympathizers who try to sway him into becoming the next Phoenix Lord. (June 6, 2006.)

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