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Rabid fangirls! Myself and Illucian.
Yes, I am one of those girls who thinks Transformers are cool. While the latest spins on the classic archetype are neat to look at, I am a Generation 1 fan, along with all the other 'toons 80s children like me grew up on. (Believe it or not, I saw the Movie when it came out -- my mother took me. ^^) Of course, I was too young when the show began its first season, but during the early 90s reruns, I was hooked. Time passed, and I let it drop for whatever reason. But I never forgot my love for the cartoon and its characters. Such things like the Care Bears, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, etc ... they never leave you. They only return when you're older and can get stuff for yourself!

Around the mid-90s, Beast Wars showed up, and I was extremely excited to see this newest take. However, after seeing the same shows over and over again, with no hope of a new episode to come, I dropped it again. When Beast Machines arrived, I had started working Saturdays at the paper where I am now a full-time employee, so I never caught them (and something tells me I'm glad I never did!) Yet again, time passed, and I can't recall exactly what brought me back to these transforming robots, but I started picking up things here and there in mid-2005, frequenting -- but not posting -- TF forums and fansites. And before you ask, my favorite has always been Mirage -- and that was BEFORE he was dubbed "'Raj" and "cool" with the fangirls. ^^

NOTE: The Chronicles are listed in chronological order, story-time-wise, not in the order I physically wrote them. Those dates are listed after the summaries.

The Solarflare Chronicles: The Novel
Written for NaNoWriMo 2006. Bigger, better and longer than my previous two attempts. Some text might conflict with earlier stories, but that is to be expected. [Up through Chapter Nine coded.](2006)
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NEW!! The Invisible Man
The origins of the Autobots' elite Counter-Intelligence Agent, Mirage of the Towers. (The first part relies heavily on Original Transformer Characters, but I promise, once that is over, it's all about the Ligier.) Through chapter seven up.

The Solarflare Chronicles
No one ever thought of Mirage as anything more than a spy and a loner. But when he starts hanging out with a human woman, his world is opened up to the possibility that there is more to existance than Cybertron. Alina is challenging, intelligent, and willing to listen to his homesick tales; soon, Mirage comes to value humans as more than a liability. Yet, tragedy strikes in the form of Ravage, mortally wounding the spy's newfound friend. (2005)

The wild avian femme.

Alina was human, once. Then Fate stepped in and changed her life, and the lonely existence of one Autobot spy, forever. Told from Mirage's point of view; companion to The Solarflare Chronicles. (2005)

Single Vision
When Megatron receives a routine call from Shockwave on Cybertron, there is another on the other side of the line: Senneca, a Decepticon femme. Megatron's chief opperative on the Transformers' homeworld, Senneca was in charge of purging all weak links from his army. Upon revealing that her objective is near completion, Megatron decides to give Senneca a side-mission -- destroying Solarflare. (2005)

Prowl's Girlfriend
When Prowl decides that he's had enough of the fanmail he's been receiving from crazy human females, he calls upon Solarflare to help put a stop to it. Sometimes it's great being the only girl in an all-male enclave, sometimes it just plain sucks ... (2006)

More Raptor Than Robot
Starscream has nursed his hatred for Solarflare for a long time, and very carefully -- but, he's never admitted it. When he's found out, the Air Commander decides to get rid of the cause of his humillation once and for all -- by creating a virus that will make good on the wild avian femme's motto ... to turn it into her curse, and her undoing. (2006)

Mirage accosts Anubis
in Solarflare's mind.
A moment of sorrow:
Solarflare and Anubis at the veil between worlds.

The Heart's Lament Trilogy
Lament of the Sun: Post Transformers: The Movie. The Ark warriors struggle to cope with the loss of their comrades and the ascention of Rodimus Prime.
Lament of Winter: Rodimus Prime faces a difficult decision: honor the request of the Ark warriors or bend to the opinions of his closest friends.
The Stars' Lament: It all comes down to duty.

Spectral Analysis
At the conclusion of the Beast Wars, the Maximals return victorious to Cybertron, a defeated Megatron strapped to the back of an ancient Autobot shuttle. Little do they suspect that the homecoming they earned is not to be: landing at the massive Cybertropolis Spacestation, they meet with Spectrum, commander of the port, who tells them that they cannot go forward with their plans to bring Megatron to justice -- not yet. A new war is brewing on Cybertron, one of politics; and though they might not like it, their new allies are the very ancestors they saved. (2006)

28 Solarflares
My response to the "28 ficlet" meme that was going around LiveJournal. Featuring 28 short Solarflare-centric stories, most of which could easily fit within the Chronicles timeline. However, some will never, ever be considered part of the Flare "canon" and those are clearly marked. :D (2006)

The Fallen Stars Series
Forever, My Father: A short, inspiration-born ficlet. Ratchet is reborn. (2006)
Welcome Home, Hero: 200 years after the battle of Autobot City, Prowl returns to Earth. (2007)

NEW! The Sorrowful Remembrances
Painful memories assail Mirage when a young girl visits Autobot City on a field trip. (2007)

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