The Gryphon's Guild

When I joined the Guild back in late 2000, I never imagined the impact that community could leave on me. I have since left the boards, but I keep up with most members through LiveJournal. One could say that I "became famous" for my writing -- in the beginning I wrote poems on request; soon after, I decided to take on a project that, I was told, had been tried many times in the past, but never fully accomplished. I would like to say that I shattered those barriers. From the Great Guild story, to the Waves, Wings, Mission, and ending with the unfinished Novella, The Shadow Stalkers, many Guilders have participated, and I enjoyed every minute writing their story.

These tales were penned between 2000 and 2003. The Gryphon Guild is trademarked to Tserisa Supalla; all Guilders -- past, present and future -- are copyright themselves.

The Storm
There's a violent storm brewing on the horizon and it raises the hackles of various Guilders. To find out, they launch an all-out investigation that leads them to the source of all trouble. --The story that started it all. I've revamped it and made some corrections from the first 2000 edition, to coincide with my developement as a writer and various other things that have come across my attention. (A/N: 2005 -- this was back in 2002 that I made corrections.)

The Waves
The Waves is a sweeping tale of adventure, mystery, magic, and above all, friendship. Follow the four Waves as they embark on a journey that will take them from the safety of their Guild and put them into the heart of Evil itself. Join the members of the Gryphon Guild as they discover that together, they are the greatest weapon against all odds.

The Wings
The Guild is stronger than it ever has been before -- but some strange lord of a far away city doesn't want it that way anymore. He sends out an ulitmatum to the Guild; but instead of receiving a full surrender, the lord gets back more than he accounted for! The brave Guilders once again set out in four Wings, this time flinging themselves directly at the enemy . . .

The Mission
A devistating meteorite has dropped from the recesses of space and burst into fragments, colliding with not only the Guild, but three neighboring villages as well. All is in ruin and the world that the Guild has known no longer exists. Can they survive, save the villagers and find out if Tserisa lives?

The Shadow Stalkers
In this first-ever Guild novella, there is a dissenter in the ranks. One that no one could ever have imagined turning against them for the simple act of revenge. Through blind eyes made so by hate, Poison the dragon unleases her namesake upon innocents. (Unfinished.)

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