Furry Art Exchange 2

Character interaction. This was my first time participating in FAX2. You really get a feel for the emotion here. Lyrical round. I chose Sarah McLachlan's 'World on Fire' for my artist to work with. So sentimental .... Tarot round. I want this dress. HoundofLoki really did Flare justice. The hair isn't quite what I was going for, but I never complain when I get such gorgeous work. Everyone has their own interpretations, afterall! God, that's such a sweet rendition of her outfit! *jealous!*
Masquerade round! I suggested I'd like Flare in a faerie costume with a mask. Now I want that dress. ^^ I damned near lost my mind when I saw this. Not one image, but TWO -- of Flare in both of her forms. Coolant lines, talons, metallic wings ... *DIES* Themed round: Friendship. Here's Flare with Michael's character, Halcyon, also a Phoenix. Flare's got attitude in those eyes!
Michael Llewr
Themed round for June 2006 was dancing. I picked a raver's theme with glowsticks for Flare, because, for some reason, she likes it! Can you say 'awesome'? Perfect sunrise/sunset.
Luna Nuri

All art is copyright their respective artist. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute without permission.
Crystal Shekeira in anthro form, Solarflare and other characters are me. All other characters not of my creation are copyright their creators.