The Phoenix Queen's Page o' Favs

I love my books, music and movies. This little backwater page lists those that I love the most (when I can remember what they are. XD)

Anne McCaffrey -- The DragonRiders of Pern series
-- The Hive & the Tower series
-- The Lady
Mercedes Lackey -- The Heralds of Valdemar series
-- Joust series
Melanie Rawn -- The Dragon Prince series
Mickey Zucker Reichert -- The Renshai series
Andre Norton -- The Elvenbane series w/ Mercedes Lackey
Marion Zimmer Bradley -- The Mists of Avalon
-- The Firebrand
Jane Lindskold -- The Firekeeper series
Lisanne Norman -- The Sholan Alliance series
Walter Farley -- The Black Stallion series
C.S. Lewis -- The Chronicles of Narnia
C.J. Cherryh -- The Chanur Saga
Robin Wayne Baley -- Dragonkin trilogy
Jennifer Roberson -- The Cheysuli series
J.K. Rowling -- Harry Potter
David Eddings -- The Belgariad & Mallorean
Meredith Ann Pierce -- The Firebringer Trilogy
Maggie Furey -- Aurian saga

The Eagles
Peter Cetera
Gloria Estefan
Whitney Houston
Bon Jovi
Spice Girls
Richard Marx
Billy Joel
Elton John
The BeeGees
George Michael
Taylor Dayne
Huey Lewis & the News
Mariah Carey
Mary J. Blige
Rob Thomas
Rod Stewart
Toni Braxton
Fleetwood Mac
Ghostbusters I & II
The Lion King
Finding Nemo
Lilo & Stitch
Star Wars
Independence Day
Groundhog Day
Shrek I & II
The Little Mermaid
Harry Potter, et al
The Black Stallion
Spiderman I & II