Avian Art Exchange
I actually head this exchange community. We take anthro and non-anthro avians.

First AAX pic, drawn by my multi-talented sister-Phoenix, Sapphy. Hoofy titled this 'Natural Instinct', which I agree with, as this showcases the feral avian beneath the sentience of the Vahazayi. Ka's pencilwork is something to be in awe of. My only nitpick with this piece of art is that my eyes are not diamond-shaped. Fire is good ... living flame, better. :)
Sapphire Phoenix
Ka Crow
I chose to have Vagan drawn for July's round. I really like how Trixi incorportated his horticultural side into this pic; serves as a reminder that Vagan doesn't go around kicking King's ass all day. ^^ This was our first theme round involving character interaction. Calzephyr did an excellent job of portraying the duality of the relationship between Vagan and King. I really love the way Vagan's bronze feathers almost resemble fur. Lux really captured Solarflare's essence in this one, by putting her before a true solar flare!
A damn sexy Flare. :) Lyrics round. Drawn to Menudo's 'Hold Me'. Look: Mirage as anthro!

All art is copyright their respective artist. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute without permission.
Crystal Shekeira and the Vahazayi are me